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License payment

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Hello, I have been with you for 2 years and I really like your product.
At the moment I need to renew my license.
But the license status says “subscription cancelled”.
How can I renew my subscription?
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    My panel does not have these items.
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  • Hi Sergey.
    Once the subscription is cancelled (and you cancelled yours last year) - it cannot be restarted. So you need to get another licence for you.
    Which plan are you interested in?
    Support, The
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    Depending on whether my discount will remain?
    Considering that I am your old user.
    And what will happen to the projects that I created for clients?
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    and I didn't cancel my subscription. I like your product.
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    I have many projects and many of them have a closed license status, how can I add a new license number to them?
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  • This will require a manual action. Basically we assume that if you cancel your subscription - you're not willing to use our theme any longer.
    Your case shows that we need to add a bespoke functionality to handle cases like this.

    How many project you have?
    Support, The
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    about 15 projects in progress
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    and more than 80 implemented, but many of them no longer exist
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  • So.
    Please hold on for few days and will get back to you with a solution.
    Support, The
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    Thank you very much for your support, I'm waiting for your answer.
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    Hello, there is news on my question.
    On 02/15/2024 I will be disconnected from my license.
  • Hi.
    The update is out - so now you can just purchase another license, update the theme on every single website, and you will be presented with a extra button on the license screen to wipe out all the data related to the previous license, and you will have an option to start over with a new license code.
    Support, The
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    Thank you very much, I'll start shopping today
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    I purchased a license and transferred all projects to it.
    Thanks a lot.
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