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I installed Photoproof theme but I can't update any page


I'm new with Apollo 13 photoproof theme, but not new on wordpress.
So, I just installed photoproof theme and imported Demo nº3 on

I had two main issues:

- Once I tried to change pictures on home page, I could not update these changes because "The response is not a valid JSON response"

- On the other hand, when I checked the rest of pages, everytime I wanted to see them, a 404 appears.

I've been installing and re-installing the theme and importing demo a couple of times, but it's always with the same results.

How can I fix this?

I appreciate any help asap, so I can fulfill on my job.

Many thanks on advance
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    1. "The response is not a valid JSON response" - this comes from some friction with Block Editor, please switch to Classic Editor and you will be able to work. We're preparing the update with fix for this issue.
    2. 404 - this might be fixed by using Classic Editor, if not - try to save permalink structure.
    Support, The
  • Hi!

    1- Perfect, thanks. It's working.

    2- Thanks! It works!.

    Regarding some features about the template, I'd like to know how to change the photo format (from portrait to landscape) on the album into the home page.

    Is that possible? Most of my client's pictures are on landscape format.

    Many thanks again!
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