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Adding 3D-like curved drop shadow to blog or other areas of hypershot

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I realize your hypershot theme already comes with a very thin drop shadow.
However, I would really like to use the more 3D-like curved drop shadow I've seen in some other websites.

Here are some links to some WP plugins for these curved drop shadows I'm referring to:

So for example, I would like to add one of the curved drop shadows to the blog post boxes in the blog page.

Or perhaps also add this curved drop shadow under the photographs that are in the home page slider. Or under the photographs in the "about us" page.

Can these plugins just be inserted into the wordpress Hypershot theme? Or is there something in your theme that would not allow this to work? Do you have a specific plugin that achieves this or can I use the ones I listed above?

Thanks for your help in advance!


  • AirAir
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    Thing you have linked aren't plugins, but graphic Photoshop files from which you can export this shadows and put it in your design.

    As for inserting this in Hypershot theme, this would be deeper theme customization, which we don't do(free or paid) as we don't have time and man power for that.

    However you can hire some one to make it for you, as I think there won't be any plugin that could do this job easily, but some front-end developer should handle it preety quickly.

    With regards.
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