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14.XII.2013 UPDATED! Airlock support for wordpres >= 3.5 and PHP 5.4

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Hello dear users:-)

Since Airlock is no further developed for time being we decided to release small patch for Airlock theme to support new wordpress 3.5. Just download and upload all files to airlock\common\js.

To support also PHP 5.4 download and upload all files to airlock\advance\plugins\flickrpress\.

Why we don't release this as regular update?
This is cause many of our users customized theme in many ways, and if they will update now it will cause big mess for them. Instead they can just use this small patch which will enable inserting shortcodes and will remove some issues with JavaScript errors.
Other case is that Airlock was never good prepared for customizations, that is possible with child themes.

What is future for Airlock?
We are thinking about either making big rebuild of theme which mostly would speed up theme by 80-90% and releasing it as update(again, it would be even bigger mess for all of us), or creating new theme "Airlock 2", which will have many improvements in speed and usability and probably some layout tweaks. Still there is no clear decision form our side:-)

With regards.

Added second patch for PHP 5.4 and WP 3.8 (and With WP 3.8 it supports PHP 5.5!).

fix bug with not validating e-mail in comment form(thanks lotuz!)

fix bug with uploading images in multi upload area.
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