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Visual composer licensce

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It seems to be that My licensce is not longer working. I bought it with the template. How can I reactivate it?
Grtz. Chris
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    Hello Chris - you don't need to buy any license.
    But you should update Chillout theme. Version 1.4.0 (which you're using now) is not compatible with latest WP.
    Latest version - 1.4.6 - is equipped with Visual Composer compatible with latest WP.
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    All the Best.
  • My wordpress dsahboard doesn't give me the possibilitie to update? There is no message or option to update the theme. So I am still running 1.4.0. Can you help me finding the update button? I sound stupid I know, but there is no way I can find it.
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    You must first download lates version of Chillout theme from ThemeForest.
    As for updating theme - please refer to:!/installation_update_update_theme
    Remember to rate our theme if you like it ;)
    All the Best.
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