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Height of Sticky logo header versus "regular" header

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Hi Air
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I'm having a tall logo (1line centered) where I use the height setting to align the menu with the logo text. When scrolling I switch to sticky header and change the logo to be only the text of the logo.. but since I can't change the height of the sticky logo it's way too high.. I would need a narrower sticky logo .. how can I change the height of the stick logo?

Thanks, Pascal


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    Maybe this can help... sticky header the logo should aling as well .. using css I always move bothe svg logos...
    Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-21 um 16.01.17.png
    1138 x 423 - 421K
    Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-21 um 16.01.24.png
    1099 x 508 - 439K
  • AirAir
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    Hey Pascal :-)

    Please add such custom CSS:
    .sticky-values a.logo {
        height: auto;
    Also, set a top and a bottom padding for the logo for the sticky variant.

    With kind regards.
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    That did the trick! Thanks for the fantastic support Air!
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