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Cant edit other pages than HOME in Elementor

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Hello there,
I'm pretty fresh in desigingn webpages in WP.
I bought Rife PRO and so far made couple of single-pages and I was fine and learnt a lot.
Now I want to create a webshop.
So I picked a SPLASH theme that I wanted to work on.
Now the problem is I can't edit the SHOP page in Elementor for some reason.
There is the "Edit with Elementor" button underneath but when I do that I get an error message "Unable to load a preview".
From what I see in this particular theme for example is that there are 14 pages in total (like home, shop, cart, blog, etc.) and only 6 have the "Edit in Elementor" button but then only Shop is not working...

What am I doing wrong?
I even bought the Elementor PROas I thought this was causing the issue :(


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