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Microsoft Edge shows white stripes?

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Hi Air,

I've noticed Microsoft Edge renders e.g. my page 'Home' in a way, the it sets and unwanted white space (padding?) left and right.

Upon my simulations with macOS Safari developer mode the page renders fine and doesn't show these white stripes. However, as you can see on the screenshot on a Windows-based (older) computer it doesn't.

I've thought the setting in WordPress Editor reg. padding left/right would be the problem, but those are set to "off". Within Elementor I also don't see any mistake. The respective frame is set to be stretched horizontal.

Well, my love for white stripes is limited to the rockband 'White Stripes'. ;-)

Any idea where the problem is?

Thanks very much in advance.

Best regards


  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    I have just tested this on Windows with Edge 88.0.705.56 and there were no white stripes like on your screenshot.

    I have stretched the window back and forth and not sign of your issue.

    Hard to say what it could be in your case.

    What version are you testing on?

    With kind regards.
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