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Loading Problem: Albums + Menu

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I have a strange problem. 2 hours ago I added a new album. Checked the site...everything was fine. Now I came back in order to share it on facebook and my site isn't loading any more.
I don't know what happened. I see the header with my logo, the BG pattern and the footer. But neither my menu nor the social icons or the albums are loading. Even if I try to load an album via direct url nothing happens. I also tried to preview them from the wordpress backend. Only my imprint works. I really can't tell what happened.
I need to fix it asap!

with regards


  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,606

    I just checked and your front page album loads and works just fine.

    With regards.
  • Hmm okay... which browser did you use?
    I just tested it in Chrome and Firefox where nothing is loading. In IE it works :/
    I usually use Chrome. I cleared my cache, logged out from WP but I can't get the site to load the content. Very very strange...
    If someone else had the same problem it would be nice to let me know what it was.
    For now I can't use Chrome to work with my site... I'll try to figure out what happened. Guess I need to swich to IE for now.

    thx Air for the fast support! like always ;)

    with regards
  • Alright folks... it will be a mystery forever. Just cleared my cache again and now the site is back.

    Discussion closed :)
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,606
    I have checked it again in Firefox and chrome and it still looks fine:-)

    With regards.
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