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  • Hello :-) Please send a live link to a page where you want to implement this change and, if possible, a screenshot of what you want to achieve. WIth kind regards.
  • Hello :-) I don't think I understand the problem, so please send a live link and, if possible, a screenshot of what you want to achieve. WIth kind regards.
  • Hey :-) For anyone else looking for this in the Single Work view: You can do it in Appearance → Customize → Works Settings → Single work → Works navigation. With kind regards.
  • It is hidden because you didn't add opening icons for submenu So it was not planned but gave good result ;-) With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) You can edit it in photoproof\advance\utilities\password.php line ~13 You can also do it in theme translation as you said :-) With kind regards.
  • Thanks for the message with the link. You can add such custom CSS for padding: .works-list-page .content-box { padding: 0 60px; } How can the work/page have its ancestor/parent Portfolio menu highlighted Add submenu under your Projects wi…
  • Hey :-) I wouldn't go this way, as you will have 2 different contents for the same page, and Google might not like it. Maybe you are overthinking this thing. Could you show me your current album, so i could check how it looks, and maybe advise som…
  • Hey :-) Maybe you have set page for password protected page. Please try to set it back to default look in ppearance → Customize → Page Settings → Password protected page template. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) You can do it while editing Work in Work details → Work media → Hover effect and Work details → Work media → Show overlay - on hovert. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) All options for slider can be found while creating Album in Album details → Album media Additional settings are in Appearance → Customize → Albums Settings → Single album – slider. With kind regards.
  • Send it here on the forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"). In message please add LINK to topic it applies to.
  • Hello:-) Please check With kind regards.
  • OK, so after long inspection, I have found out issue is caused by theme caching options. I will add workaround for WPML and Polylang in next update. Meanwhile, you can fix it by making such change: Go to fatmoon/advance/class-apollo13-framework.php…
  • ChristWolves said: Can we add an 'invisible' submenu for the single work page under the works/projects/portfolio tab? You could hide it with CSS later, but there is no option to make it invisible from the start :-) With ki…
  • Hello :-) I don't have experience with implementing custom solutions for Polylang, however your default method that you have tried should work. I will test it on my test server, and check does it work for me. csawo said: but it's only displayed c…
  • Hello:-) ChristWolves said: Besides, how can I disable the photo crop in the Media Grid? Even as I have set 1 photo per row, but the media is still clipped off. Please check option Work details → Work media → Choose the proportions of the bricks a…
  • All available settings for Works List are in mentioned settings. Worklist doesn't have the same options available as the Blog. If you will give me link to your Worklist page, I can check what can be done with custom CSS. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) If you mean single work you can find them in Customizing → Works settings → Single work and in each work in work in Work details → Layout…
  • Hello:-) ChristWolves said: After you have clicked into Apple Watch or Book MockUp item and goes into the Single page, the Portfolio menu did not get highlighted. If you will check this example…
  • Hello :-) What you propose is rather advanced custom work that I can not help you with. wp_is_mobile() is not reliable function to take on this case, as this has to be done more in CSS and JS. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) I understand that you are using WPML? Please go to the admin panel and switch to the Russian language for example. Then Please go to "Works" and check if there are any categories created. If they are, please check if each Work have any cat…
  • Hello:-) ChristWolves said: 1. How can I adjust the duration per photo in the slideshow? Please go to Appearance → Customize → Albums Settings → Single album – slider → Time between slides. ChristWolves said: 2. Can I optimise the position of t…
  • Hello :-) Please show me a link to your site, so I could understand it better and investigate. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) Glad that you solved this. I have to add this to documentation someday, as you are not the first person having problems with this. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Image logo has a setting for width on mobile Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Logo → Max width - on mobile devices. So you can set a different size for mobiles. SVG logos are even more powerful as they don't lose quality. You c…
  • Thanks for the info! Your blog is looking great :-) With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) You have enabled image parallax for this post, that is why it has reduced height. Please see option Featured Image : Parallax Zafar_Iqbal said: Also, the latest blog …
  • Hey:-) ChristWolves said: Another thing is can we add an additional tagline below the text-only logo? Not by theme options, you would need to modify theme code, and I am not sure how such change would affect the theme header. Can't you do it on Im…
  • OK. You probably have to enable WPBakery for works in its settings. Go to: WPBakery Page Builder -> Role Manager -> Administrator -> Post types -> Custom and select what you need. With kind regards.
  • Hello Your issue also shows up on a desktop computer. Run your website in private mode, to see this. Your site has a problem with SSL(https). Your SSL certificate seems valid, but all resources are pointed by "http" links which is prohibited when…

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