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  • Hey Pascal :-) My biggest concern is that you are creating a template for a single post but using it for single work. I see 2 options to try. 1. Instead of creating single post template try just single - there you can choose post type for which i…
  • Hey :-) It seems like some database mismatch on the WooCommerce side, but I am not sure 100%. If you have used this domain for some longer time for building various sites, then indeed there may be some old things building up in the database. Glad…
  • Hey :-) Viadro said: Now the problem is I can't edit the SHOP page in Elementor for some reason. Not every page is editable in Elementor. There are some pages that have to be code in theme, like blog page, work/albums list pages, WooCommerce main …
  • Hey :-) Any more details on crashing? Maybe you have to enough memory? You have to check PHP error log on such crash. With kind regards.
  • Hey Pascal :-) Please add such custom CSS: .sticky-values a.logo { height: auto; } Also, set a top and a bottom padding for the logo for the sticky variant. With kind regards.
  • Hey Pascal :-) As I don't have much experience with that what you are trying I might not be the best help here. So do you use a single post template or single work template? You can try to switch to some default WordPress theme, to check if the …
  • Hey Pascal :-) Where can I see those events with social icons, as I don't see such a thing in the above link? With kind regrads.
  • wido said: Can you tell me how to solve this problem ? Haha, If I only knew what is acting on SVG I would do it right away :-) I will log in and check once more what could be doing it. .... OK it is fixed :-) It seems that shield SVG code had …
  • Hey :-) You will need this plugin It will display your posts that have set dates to publish in future. Even description of this plugins says it is for events sites :-) I have jsut teste…
  • Hey :-) I was debugging this for a few hours, and I have noticed that the shield SVG served for the English language is different than the default SVG for the shield. Have you made any modifications to the theme code? I am really not sure where …
  • Hey :-) From your screenshots, it looks like some styling, or not closed HTML tag is causing this. Could you remove the "coming soon" mode and send me a link to page where I could see the issue? With kind regards.
  • LazyDiver said: Also, in the file it was 'rife' instead of 'fatmoon', so that's what I used. Sure my bad, I am editing my previous post. LazyDiver said: I wonder if there's something that I did wrong? No clue. I have tested those changes befor…
  • Hey LazyDiver:-) OK, let us start with a general solution first: You can rename this ribbon in rife\advance\utilities\woocommerce.php line ~325 Change: $html .= ''.esc_html__( 'Out of stock', 'rife' ).''; to $html .= ''.esc_html__( 'S…
  • Baldion said: In addition, I don't see Written text when editing the main page in Elementor. Can you help me please? It seems something changed since Elementor version 3.x. I will check what could it be and fix it ASAP. Thanks for pointing this o…
  • Hey :-) So it is total style lose. I suspect that CSS file that Elementor creates is removed on update, and new on is created, however, your page is still referencing old. 1. Do you have some cache plugins installed? 2. Are you seeing this issue b…
  • Hello :-) Could you tell me more about what exactly happens? Maybe you have screenshots of how it looks after and before? I am guessing it could be some cache issue, but first I have to see the issue. With kind regards.
  • Hey Heather :-) Daniel will reply about the fonts. I will take care of your other questions: hoodledoodles said: If I want to presumably I can take the Rife Pro theme and use it elsewhere if I want to? Sure thing :-) You can do it. hoodledoodle…
  • Hello Michael :-) I am not sure if you are using shortcode or Elementor widget, but you have to change limit of posts that are queried to display. Could you provide a live link to the page in question? With kind regards.
    in More People Comment by Air August 27
  • Hey :-) Please try this custom CSS: .post-media + .title-bar.inside { margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; } With kind regards.
    in news margin h1 Comment by Air August 26
  • Hello :-) It looks like title bar, however, without link it is hard to tell which setting it will be. Is it for blog, single post, or static page? It can be also that only custom CSS will be able to change it. I need live link :-) Or at least bigg…
    in news margin h1 Comment by Air August 24
  • Hello :-) To enable the theme search feature, go to Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Tools icons - General settings → Search With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Could you show me a link to a page where it happens? Hard to tell what do you mean. If it is the title bar, then you can reduce padding on the title bar box in title bar settings. With kind regards.
    in news margin h1 Comment by Air August 20
  • Hello :-) Do you mean the hidden sidebar? Please go to Widgets settings and remove all widgets from the Hidden sidebar - it will disappear with its button. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) If you don't plan to use stikcy version of logo, you can remove it. These 404 errors was glitch after demo import. After reset of these setttings you are fine :-) With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Unfortunately, I can not tell what is causing this issue with the popup, as it does not happen on narrow screen. These Safari browsers are worst to debug when you don't have dedicated Mac for them :-) With kind regards.
    in Crash on mobile Comment by Air August 18
  • Hey :-) Test pages seem to work fine. Here is the screenshot of the "cookie pop". With kind regards.
    in Crash on mobile Comment by Air August 17
  • Hey :-) These are logo images set for the sticky header variant. Please go to Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Sticky header – Override normal settings. You will have to edit 2 option there: 1. Logo : Image 2. Logo : Image for HIGH DPI s…
  • Hello Vitezslav :-) I believe that webP is not supported by the theme resize script, and it will not work. I see that currently you are using jpg. Do you have any live example with .webp images? With kind regards.
  • Elizabeth said: I replied via email with You probably replied to not monitored e-mail. Please reply here on the forum as you did now. As for your issues that you have described - I can also see them on my old iPad. Strange that they are not visib…
  • Hey :-) I suspect that are some links photoproof logo. Please share a link to your website, and I will check where they are referenced on your website. With kind regards.

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