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  • Hey :-) Quick fix Thanks for the info! With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) 1. Block preview comes from gutenberg or some other plugin/place? 2. If you switch the theme to the default WordPress theme, does it still happens? With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Please show me the code that you have used. The mini cart has a strong cache on its own, so it would be good to check first in private mode if maybe it already works for you. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) I will look into those. As for PHP 8 I don't know about any issues but for sure I have to do test with PHP 8.2. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Thanks for the access. I have made a small adjustment. Please check it now. Great job with the customization! WIth kind regards.
  • Hey :-) It is rather difficult as it would require changes in many files CSS, JS and PHP. I would rather try to work on some custom CSS that would reduce padding and font-size for smaller resolutions. Could you share a live link to the page in qu…
  • Hey :-) You can try to switch to a full-width layout for a single product and check if it will be better for you. Appearance → Customize → Shop Settings → Single product With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Is there any problem with installing in on the server? It is standard to have it and WordPress depends on it. With kind regards.
    in Disable Filter Comment by Air March 23
  • Hey :-) I believe this comes from the WooCommerce translations. Try one of those solutions With kind regards.
  • Do you mean this one ? I will take a look if I can find anything easy to fix with it. With kind regards.
  • As I don't know all the plugins you are using, please try to disable all plugins except for: -Apollo13 Framework Extensions -WooCommerce -Elementor Check then if it will be alright. If yes, reactivate one plugin at a time. With kind regards.
  • Seems to be better now. However, in the case of "Vegan-Red-Velvet-Bundt" the uploaded image is too narrow so WordPress can not crop it properly, as it has less than 700px of width. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) By icons do you mean product images? Have you made any changes in WooCommerce settings for thumbnails? With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) Can you share a live link? Based on the links to the previous and next under the image, I suspect there is some plugin conflict. With kind regards.
  • Hello :-) No, sorry I don't have any idea about it. I would ask on WooCommerce or plugin-related forum at your place. With kind regards.
  • I suspected so :-)
  • Hello :-) If you didn't make changes in the theme files then just update it as explained in the documentation With kind regards.
    in UPDATE THEME Comment by Air March 9
  • Hello :-) It must be coming either from WooCommerce or from some plugin. I don't know which of those it could be. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Please use the link and follow process described in here With kind regards.
    in WP-bakery Comment by Air March 5
  • The update is released. Please update :-)
  • Hello :-) Yes, I was working on this last night and I should finish soon(max 2 days) Do you have any users with subscriber levels in your WordPress installation? With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Yes, I have tested it, and it seems that it is not possible with the widget, as it can not take into calculation the height of the header when stretching the scroller. You either would have to use some proportion of the scroller instead of…
  • Are you using option "Stretch the slider to the window height" or similar one for the scroller? Please see a screen shot
  • Hey :-) I can see that content width is limited now, but sections/rows that you have created are using forced full width, so you will have to edit them. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) Which padding are you trying to change? Top, bottom, sides? Could you mark it on a screen shot? With kind regards.
  • Yes, this is in pixels. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) OK, now I understand. I was looking for something else. You can try to add this plugin With kind regards.
    in Disable Filter Comment by Air February 9
  • Hey :-) It seems the same for normal and after clicking. Is this issue still on the live website? With kind regards.
    in Disable Filter Comment by Air February 9
  • Hey :-) You can set it in Customizing → WooCommerce → Product Images → Thumbnail width. You probably have there currently value of 300. Feel free to increase it. With kind regards.
  • Hey :-) You can change the layout to fixed width for a single product. You can do it in Customizing → Shop(WooCommerce) settings → Single product → Content Layout → Full width + fixed content This is what you are looking for? With kind regards.

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