Before you ask please READ THIS 1- color help please!

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Wonderful template guys... but im missing a few options...
Would be wonderful if you could help...

I tried to attach jpeg and pngs less than 500Kb but i got the message Filetype not allowed... hmmm... (?)
So i leave the site open...

1- Can i have code to give a different color for the "Pause" and "Hide Layout" and "show layout" texts ONLY? I need them to be seen right away...
I couldnt find this in the options and when i css it i get aaall the number sounters, image title and the footer menu in red as well... which is VERY disturbing to the eye :)

Heres the css which i used...
#footer a, #footer span.action, .glass-switch {
Thanks :)
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  • AirAir
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    JackBodiless said: I tried to attach jpeg and pngs less than 500Kb but i got the message Filetype not allowed... hmmm... (?)
    So i leave the site open...
    Probably name of file with spaces. Rename it to "a.png" for example.

    Use this CSS but with color instead of display property :-)

    With regards.
  • Hey Air thanks for nice replies man... just didnt get a mail notification and was wondering where ARE these guys :)

    But listen..
    I couldnt get this to work... tried your code in many ways...
    first as you suggested... like this (i think..)

    #switch-glass, #play-button{
    color: red;


    with Firebug i see that .glass-switch action is shown image1 and
    .glass-switch code on the right in firebug effects the "hide layout" when i deactivate for example float:right...

    So i dont get it :( It seems VERY easy... but i dont get it :)

    What do you think?
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  • The site is on, so you can firebug it if you like :)

    and THANSK :)
  • AirAir
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    Hi there

    Please tell me where you added this code?

    For custom CSS you can use plugin like this activate it, and next go to Appearance->Custom CSS. There you can insert your custom CSS. If it won't work be sure to set Permalinks like explained here

    With regards.
  • Aaaa... I added the code in the Child theme... some customizations i made worked there... was that wrong? ill try the plugin and get back to you thanks...
  • hmmm... no man still no RED "hide layout" and "show layout"
    I took all the code from the child theme and put it in the plugin...
    here is the screenshot with all the custom css in the plugin... do i have another thats crashing it?
    Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 01.52.27.png
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  • AirAir
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    Child theme was good, I just didn't know you used it :-) Use this CSS instead(with stronger selectors)
    #footer #switch-glass, #footer #play-button{
    color: red;
    Btw. Do you have any cache plugin installed?

    With regards.
  • Excellent... then i added mine for the "hide" and its done... Thanks a lot!

    I have a few more i want to ask you in a day or two... i hope you dont mind :)
    We are making a pretty nice site out of your template, arent we? :)
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