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can't add anymore pics in album

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wordpress : 3.9
version of hypershot : 1.3.3

thank you for your theme.
I bought it months ago and everything was perfect.
But since few days i have a pb :)
i can create an album and i upload images
when i look at inside the album, there is nothing.
Online, i can see the thumbnail, but when i click on it and go to the album page, there is no images.

So i go into my dashbord and verify my album. And guess what! the pics which were uploaded do not appear.
the images are in the library, there is a line in the album media - add images box for each image that i uploaded. but the line is empty (no preview of image). nevetheless, i still can remove the invisible pic.

And, my older albums still works perfectly

the page in question :
(the two albums of portrait on the left top)

do you have an idea of the pb?
(maybe it's because i have an older version of hypeershot...)

ty for your help

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  • AirAir
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    pote said: (maybe it's because i have an older version of hypeershot...)
    Indeed :-) Lot things was fixed and with WP 3.9 there is one more critical fix so I advise update as explained here :-)

    With regards.
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