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Menu and footer Widgets not working on custom page

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I created a custome page for the template by adding

 define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

here is how the page looks

everything seems to work except that the menu bar and footer are not working properly.


and I installed easy fancybox so that when someone clicks the more information button, an iframe pops up like here but its opening in a new window. please help I have a dead line to meet. Thanks in advance.


  • AirAir
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    Hi. Fnacybox don't work cause of JS error, caused by lack of menu.
    If you will clean this file airborn/common/js/ddsmoothmenu.settings.js it should stop making erros, but only if you don't wish to use menu.
    Second approach is to check if you set any menu in WP admin -> appearance -> menu

    It might be hard to fix it for me, as I don't get all your modifications ;-)
  • Thank you for writing back to me.
    I am using the second approach to get menus on the main navigation.
    and i tried removing the file airborn/common/js/ddsmoothmenu.settings.js using ftp but that didn't solve my problem
    now the new problem i am facing is the sidebar is also not working on these custom pages. I don't want any thing fancy but something functional on all the pages .. please help
  • AirAir
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    Inserting widgets in 'Everywhere sidebar' doesn't work either on this sites? Post me some access to your wordpress via private message and link page on which sidebar doesn't work and I will take a look

    With regards.
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