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Remove border around text where logo would normally be

Is there any way I can remove this border/outline? I opted for the site title text rather than a logo because I was having a hard time making it retina friendly.
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.05.09 AM.png
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    Btw, the border doesn't appear in Firefox. Just Safari and Chrome.
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  • Also, can I make it just one line of text instead of two? Sorry about the nit-picking.
  • AirAir
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    Live link would help when you ask about such things, as I can only suspect what is causing border in your case.

    If you want text to not break, then try using   instead of real spaces between words.

    With kind regards.
  • AirAir
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    OK I found link to your site. I see you are now using alt text of image, so it is not text logo, but image, and this gives border.

    If you want text logo try this

    As for Retina logo then indeed Hypershot don't have such option, but I did such trick once for someone here

    With kind regards.
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