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Slideshow loop and Partners order

Hi guys i've got a couple of lil'problems with my site
First of all i'm not able to make the homepage slideshow looping when it comes to the last picture, it seems that the slideshows ends with a white image that i need to remove and not looping.
Another issue is about the order of the Partners section.
I wanted them in alphabetical order and i putted all the logos in a chronological order to obtain it that but, when i update the page, it doesn't work for the last three logos.
Hope can you help me fixing this problems, many thanks


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    You should first update the Chillout theme to 1.4.5 version, which is compatible with WordPress 4.5.1.
    In the latest version the 'People' shortcode has two new parameters 'Order by' and 'Order way' - with use of them You can easily order items displayed by this shortcode.
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    All the Best.
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    I updated the theme to 1.4.6 version, used the orderby="date" shortcode and it displays correctly but now the alignement and the image over as different spacing and opacity and i don't like it.
    When i updated the theme the "classic mode" page edit disappeared and now i can edit the pages only by code.
    Finally i wasn't able to fix the slider problem.
    Hope can you help me.
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    1. please provide me login credentials to admin panel - do it only via private message.
    2. your website has Visual Composer plugin version 4.9. That's wrong version. Chillout v 1.4.6 is shipped with Visual Composer version - and You should use this one.
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    All the Best.
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    Itìs now impossible to upgrade the themes and plugin, i've send you the login credential.
    Many thanks
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