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Home Page Image Links in Lightbox (or Not in Lightbox)?

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At the top of our home page at I've created a section with a background image and then a table with eight (four on the left, four on the right) thumbnail images that link to blog categories. However, the links are opening in a lightbox. That would be great if it was only the category or post, but it's the full site, with navigation. So, is it possible either to remove the navigation in a scenario like that or, more likely, have the link open the category page without using the lightbox? I cannot find a controller for that. Click the lobster image at (upper right corner of big hand-drawn map image) to see what I mean.



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    Hello Simmons!
    Please add 'block_cb' class to anchor or to image. Whatever You prefer.
    Remember to rate our theme if you like it ;)
    All the Best.
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    That did the trick, thanks!
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