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Visual Composer not working


Suddenly my visual composer stopped working, I guess after I made the update to the newer version of wordpress. What can I do?

Thank you


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    I think that you don't have the latest Chillout version.
    Version 1.4.6 is compatible with latest WordPress.
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    Okay, I did, I uploaded the new version, updated all plugins but I can't update 'WPBakery Visual Composer', it says Installed version: 4.5.1, Minimum required version and Available version: : . Trying to click on 'uodate' but nothing is happening. Where is the problem?

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    So you must delete the old one it manually via FTP.
    navigate to wp-content/plugins and delete js_composer folder, then go bact to admin panel and install new one in the same way as you tried before.
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  • I tried to delete but then I can't go back to the admin panel. I can see just the white screen
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    The plugin package is located in '..\wp-content\themes\chillout\inc\plugins' and its name is 'js_composer.zip.
    Unpack it and copy via FTP to 'wp-content/plugins' folder
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  • Thank you! This solved my problem!
  • Hello, can you email me the updated template as well. I am having issues updating via Visual Composer. Thank you. roland@8pointmarketing.com
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    Hello Roland

    Check your inbox.

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