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Page Responsive problems

Hello how can make the album homepage without scroll for any monitor?

And also i have some issues about demo pages goes right under the menu (RTL theme) and BRICKS grid for albums not working!

thank you for help!


  • AirAir
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    Please put each case in separate topic and attach links and screen shots so we could help somehow :-)
    Please refer to


    In this topic lets tackle your main question
    lemalaseo said: how can make the album homepage without scroll for any monitor?
    In case of masonry layout it is very unsafe to disable scroll. There is a chance that your user will have such resolution that bricks will constantly jump around cause once scroll shows up and after they layout again it disappears. It is hard to explain, but believe me, it is safety mechanism. So I don't advice to change it.

    If you are ok with danger, use this custom CSS: body {
    overflow-y: auto;
    With kind regards.
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