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Could please tell me how I can change the "works" to "portfolio" in the slug on the single work page ? I have changed the name of the category. But posts in this category do not show a new name in the slug. Please see the screenshots attached. Thanks.
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    Never mind, I have found that it should be done through customize :-)
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    I know this is a question that is not related to this thread..but it's simple:) is there a way to manually sort the works list position on the gallery page ?
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    Hi there:-)

    About slug you can do it as you found out, but be sure to not conflict this slug with any existing page, as you can run in real troubles.
    Eleira said: is there a way to manually sort the works list position on the gallery page
    I am not sure I got you here, but you probably want to reorder works in work list, right?
    Try this plugins!/plugins_recommendations_post_types_order

    With kind regards.
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    Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for!
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    Thank you so much!
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    You helped me a lot!
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    Haha, that is great!
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    Hey! Plugin seems to be working only on the Works page. How can I change the order of works on the home page ?
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