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Poor picture quality

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I have a problem.
The uploaded images, in small size on the screen, are pale, unobtrusive. Images in the apollo_images directory are bad. What can I do?
I paid the most recent version in the days.
I have used this to date. I was hoping the update would solve this problem.
Theme: brooklyn.
Of course I paid for it :)

I've set the quality of the resized image to the maximum, but the problem has not disappeared.


  • AirAir
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    Hey Ftamas :-)

    You can lower quality back to 90, as it will add not needed file size only.

    To solve it, please go to file fatmoon\advance\inc\class-apollo13-image-resize.php line ~28.
    There we need to change order of prefered image libraries. So change from this
    to this
    After this, you can empty or delete wp-content/uploads/apollo13_images/ - it will allow images to be recreated.
    Ftamas said: Theme: brooklyn.
    You use FatMoon theme ;-) Brooklyn is name of sample demo :-)

    With kind regards.
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    Fantastic! It looks like the problem is resolved. Hope we helped that to someone else! :)
  • AirAir
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    I hope so too. Thanks for noticing this!
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