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Hover state for sticky main-menu

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Not sure where to customize the colour of the hover background for the main menu. I have looked under Header Settings/Sticky-header Overwrites. When I try change the background color there and Publish it doesn't take?


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    Make sure that in Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Type, variant, background → Header color variants you have at least Enable only for sticky variant.

    With kind regards.
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    I have tried this but the background colour has not taken effect? The background colour I would like is #1e3e90

    I thought I would attach the admin details here so that you could take a look if possible

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    Please remove this account you have provided login data to. Remove it as fast as possible or change a password. Please don't ever give your access data if you are not asked for it. Especially please don't post it on public topic. Anyone can access it and destroy it right away. If we need your login data we will especially ask you for it, to send it to us via private message.

    Back to topic:
    I have been on your site, and now I know what issue you face. Changes work fine in Customizer but they don't publish.
    As you see in the admin area there is a notice:
    You have one of those servers that are strangely configured, so you have to provide your FTP password for changes to take effect.

    Hope this helps:-)

    With kind regards.
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    Hi Air

    Thank you for your speedy support and your warning to me. I totally agree with and understand your concern. It was a bit of a brainfart on my part. I have changed the password and will not divulge this info unless asked by the support. I have also updated the FTP details on the dashboard and it has worked!
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    Great! Glad to hear that :-)
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