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Automatic caption when posting details of website on Facebook - how to change?

Hi Air,

I've had a look in the documentation and searched other posts but can't find anything that seems to answer this question exactly - please do point me in the right direction if this is answered already...

When I type my website name into Messenger in Facebook or in Facebook, as well as the image of the logo, underneath the name I get a caption.

I can't find where to change this in the theme, so that this doesn't show up. or that it says something more meaningful, like Lightning in a Bottle Productions or anything else I choose.

I can't find this text anywhere - been looking in Header, also logo, also searching in the Media, but no luck.

Sorry if it's obvious, but how can I tidy this up?



Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 12.59.58.png
280 x 133 - 29K


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