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finger moved on mobile devices

in Rife Posts: 42
In your another old theme, when i touch with finger moved the tile signature appears (on mobile devices).

How to do that in my site:


  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,799
    Hey :-)

    It seems that on Android devices both themes work the same.
    However, on iOS there is a difference like you have said.

    I have spent an hour trying to find the difference but I don't have an answer yet.

    I will reply as soon as I will find out anything.

    With kind regards.
  • AirAir
    Posts: 9,799
    OK, I have found the difference.

    In Photon we have reacted to touchstart and click events, while in Rife we only use click, as touchstart have some drawbacks.

    However, it looks that for iOS it is enough to add even empty listner on touchstart to activate hover on touching.

    If you are familiar with adding custom JavaScript, then you can add this code to fix it:
    document.addEventListener("touchstart", function(){}, true);

    If not, then it will be added in the next update.

    Big thanks for asking about this - I have learned something new :-)

    With kind regards.
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