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FatMoon Missing Pages Theme Bug

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Currently, I'm missing some pages throughout my site.They're showing up as VC designed pages, using in the admin but not showing up on the frontend. I copied the page templates and tried recreating the page but it's till not working out for me. I talked to my host and he says the server is fine.

I forgot to mention that the site has been running smooth for a long time until this issue and I always update my sites through the Envato WP plugin.

Also, I'm using the FATMOON theme and the url is

Thanks for your time!
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    Hi Melmcc,

    We have released the update about an hour ago on the ThemeForest,
    please update the theme and let us know if this helps.

    Best regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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    Thank you!

    I updated the theme as well as the Apollo plugin and the pages are visible again but the Apollo custom elements on those pages aren't working.

    For example, the page
    should have a VC banner with animation that says' YOU BELONG HERE"

    Another example is on
    This page is missing the VC animated banner and should say "CDG ADVANTAGE"

    Thank you for getting back to me so quick!
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    Could you please send me temporary* access to your WordPress so I could check there what is going on? Send it here on the forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"). In message please add LINK to topic it applies to.

    By sending access to WordPress I mean:
    -create a new ADMIN account with a fake e-mail
    -set some password to this account
    -send me created login and password

    *temporary - please delete this account after I am done, for your safety!
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    I'm having the same issue as Melmcc. Since updating to Fatmoon 2.4.1 and WP Bakery 6.0.3, the "writing effect" in WP Bakery is no longer function and won't display the text at all for that element.
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    Looking at the rendered code, it appears it's setting the sentence to be typed as the "background-color" for some reason. See image.
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    Thanks for the info. We have released second update 2.4.2 today, that has a fix for that.

    Sorry for the problems.

    With kind regards.
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    Working again. Thanks for the fix.
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    Thanks for the updates! Everything is working perfect now :)
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