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RifePro "Shield" tweaks

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Hi Air

I'm back onto working on the site using your "shield". I know I can do some stuff with the height but can I modifiy the width as well?
And even more important: can I alter the shape (I will need an "egg" shape rather than a shield...

Thanks in advance


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    Hello again
    Already found out about tweaking the width myself.. sorry for bothering... but (so you are not bored :)) is it possible somehow to change shield image on mouseover (instead of just changing transparency? or use animated svg that start animation on mouse over?

    Thanks, Pascal
  • AirAir
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    Hello Pascal:-)

    I believe that everything is possible, but none of these things are available from theme options.

    Changing shield shape - this would require an overriding whole file of theme template in child theme - fatmoon\header-variants\horizontal-one-line.php - SVG of the shield is defined in lines 64-74.
    FLYART said: is it possible somehow to change shield image on mouseover
    You could do it with custom CSS. Please post a live link to the website where you want this to happen, and link to file on the same server that you want to replace the logo with on hover.

    With kind regards.
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    Hey Air

    Thanks for the infos.. I might have found a workaround that (hopefully) would not require modifications.. but I have to present it to my client before I know :) I'll keep you posted if I will need more help (which I will anyways ;)

    Thanks, Pascal
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