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A weird error

Thumb for the latest album isn't showing correctly:

I don't know if it's theme related and it seems, it only happens when Autoptimize is enabled.

I've tried the following, while Autoptimize was enabled:

- Duplicating the album (using a plugin) doesn't fix the error.

- Creating a completely new album, with the same images, doesn't fix the error

- Changing to a different featured image didn't fix the error

- Changing the status to draft, so a different album shows up as #1, works fine.

If I disable Autoptimize, it looks correct. But it's because of the last point, that I'm not sure if it's theme or Autoptimize related.

I've used Autoptimize for a while and have checked the album list many times. This is the first time I'm seeing such error.


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