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Suitable theme for architectect/design interior company

Hi Air and Dan,
A friend wants me to design a page along similar lines to this one but with a Works/Portfolio page instead of the Shop page:
I was thinking of using the January theme but wanted to know if you had any other suggestions that you feel would work better for interior design and architecture?
Thanks so much!


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    Hi Heather,

    Yes, you're right, the January design will be the best in this situation.
    You can also change the top header to look almost the same as your example from the link. Just switch the proper setting in the customizer.
    If your friend is familiar with Elementor he can build almost everything :)

    Best regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Hi, I thought so. That's good to know you agree. They know nothing about Elementor, I've agreed to do it as I have no work at the moment and their partnership fell apart and she need to rebuild (when we can)! I was going to google Elementor a lot - if you know of any good resources please do point me in the right direction!
    Hope you're all well. I can't believe it's only been one week of lockdown, feels like longer. But glad to see you on here! Heather
  • Hi there, do you have a link to the proper setting in the customizer? I've been working my way through the menus and I can't find out to centre the logo and have the menu underneath it... Is there a page in the documentation?
  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Are you looking for a horizontal or vertical header?
    For horizontal go to: Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Type, variant, background → Variant

    With kind regards.
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