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Rife Pro (Peeky) album issue

Hi there Dan and Air,
I offer both photography and video services and I really want to be able to display samples of both on my home page (album page), but I also want all the thumbnails to be the same size. However when I add a video to the album, it ignores the 3:2 thumbnail I've uploaded and shows the 16:9 ratio. This is driving me nuts, as it means my website can't truly reflect what I do.
Is this a fault in the theme? If so, please could this be fixed? I need to force the thumbnail, if they click to play then I don't mind if it pops up, changes whatever. But it needs to match the others in the thumbnail...
It makes no difference if it's Vimeo or YouTube, or if I upload a thumbnail or not...
This is quite urgent as I'm about to relaunch, I've lost all my work so having to reinvent myself!
Thanks so much,
Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 15.12.26.png
1442 x 836 - 1M


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