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Missing png files - Part II

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How remove pagePP-3.jpg from post-8238.css? Same error 404 like before




8328 is contact page ... In this page missing ¸¸How can I help you¸¸. It is covered with menu at top

Found and missing contact5-3.jpg file in same refferer/css file
Found missing file PPBG1-3.jpg post-8830.css
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    Hey :-)

    Sorry for not getting to you earlier.
    Glad you have solved this easily.

    With kind regards.
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    Problem is not resolved.

    Problem page

    Problem CSS

    Missing files

    I try edit contact page with elementor, but cannot found where is this images.
    And try in Customize but cannot found that.

    First problem
    is resolved and now is ok. But cannot find in Chrome Inspector where is this missing files in contact page. Only in CSS. In Inspector Network and Console tab see this missing files, but in Elements tab cannot find where is this files in page.
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    Hey :-)

    2018/06/contact5-3.jpg Is set as a background for first main section with "KAKO VAM MOGU POMOĆI?" It seems to be the most outer section.

    2018/06/pagePP-3.jpg Is set as a background for the third main section with "Work with Me!" It seems to be the most outer section.

    Use Elementor navigator to get to it

    With kind regards.
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    Resolved... Thanks

    contact5-3.jpg found and remove. pagePP-3.jpg cannot found, but create example jpg file with this name and then fond. How is all fine.

    Thanks again
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