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Elementor stuck on loading screen and theme looks different


I've purchased this theme yesterday (05.01.2021) and setup a clean WP installation on a PHP7.3 Litespeed server. Installed the theme and imported the demo content. The webesite loads and looks more or less like the demo with slight changes and some bugs. For exampla, popup screen under "Our Work" loads an empty box with no content at all. In addition, there no option to load Elementor, at all. Once I try to "Edit with Elementor" it gets stuck on loading screen. Tries to follow the guide bellow:

No luck. This website is urgent for my client and there's nothing I can do to help. The client claimes some editing was working for her but once she tried to save the page she got an error "Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response". I have to say I'm not sure where did the client tried editing as I was not even able to get Elementor to load.

Please advice ASAP.




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