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Few tweaks required.

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I just bought the theme and I have a few queries after going through it. My site is
Here they are.

1. I would like the "follow social icons" part to be at the right side of the screen instead of over the logo. I wud like the logo to be alone in its corner.

2. How do i change the text from "show info" to a custom text like "about us"

3. In mobile views, the navigation menus are under a drop down menu which has a icon. I need the icon to show the word "Menu" instead of the icon. The icon alone doenst feel descriptive.

4. How do i Disable the lazy load feature.

5. How do i change the text on the send button in the contact form options. Id like to change "submit form" to "Send"

6. How can i hide the numbers "1/7" under the images in albums. Here is a screenshot

7. I have set my theme to be wide instead of narrow, my social follow icons and copyright text are towards the left of screen, i would like them to be at right edge. So if the copyright text will come to the right, so i guess the pause and hide layout & search button could be at left

8. Also could the hide layout and show layout options be at the same place. right now show layout is at top , it wud be better if its in same place as hide

9. Also i would like external links to open in new tab instead of same.

Thats it for now

Thank You.
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    Never mind the lazy load feature , i found how to disable it in other discussions.
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    However, i would like to comment about the lazy load feature, The feature is nice and important but I noticed that sometimes some thumbnails that are partly visible on screen and partly off screen, dont load unless we scroll down. This could be misleading, as users might not know to scroll down if they dont see any continuing thumbnails. Also maybe on faster connections, the thumbnails might load instantly as the user scrolls, but on mobile networks, the thumbnails take time to load, but the user has no idea bout it, so he may end up leaving the page after seeing first two three thumbnails. So it wud be nice if a few more thumbnails are loaded off screen, instead of only loading whats visible. It would also be nice to have an option to set Lazy load to automatic for those who prefer that way, as well as an option of having a button after mentioning a particular number of thumbnails that says load more and it loads maybe next 5 or 10 thumbnails whatever preferred.
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    Sorry for so many requests, i'm new to all this :)
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    Hello Dear Customer :-)

    As you have some many requests, then it looks like deeper theme customization, which we don't do(free or paid) as we don't have time and man power for that.

    You should also divide your questions to different posts, so other users may also use this answers. Also comment about lazy load you should put in lazy load discussion, not here:-) I will copy it to proper discussion and answer there.

    I will however answer on some your questions:-)

    2, 5. You can change texts in language file. Edit default.po as explained here!/translating_theme or create your own language file.

    3. There is no need to add word for icon as it is common web pattern and users recognize it very well, read more . Also there is added 'Main Menu' text for screen readers so most users should be safe ;-)


    6. Add custom CSS
    display: none;
    1, 7, 8, 9: Deep theme customization. It doesn't mean this points are very hard to do, but that such changes are unsafe to do, for many factors(like responsive design) and would need additional testing.

    With regards.

  • Thanks alot for the support and sorry for combining all questions in one. Wasn't aware about the right way. Will follow it next time.

    Also i was hoping if i could find a solution for my query number 9. I plan to add links to my other websites on my header, but i would like the site to open in a new tab. I dont need this functionality on whole site, but just on header where i plan to add links next to the navigation items. If its not too much of a task kindly help out with the same.

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    Also for my query 2 & 5, i edited the default.po files using poedit.
    there were two default.po files, one in languages and other in languages/admin.
    I edited the one in only in languages.

    I have attached the contents of the po file in a txt format. Please go thru and
    Kindly let me know whr im going wrong.

    My edits are for the show info, hide info, & submit form text
    default po contents.txt
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    As for menu you have this in wordpress ;-)
    Just found it here
    click on the link for Screen Options in the top right of your screen. Hidden away in the dropdown there, below the usual Show on screen checkboxes, is another line of Show advanced menu properties checkboxes.

    Just check the box for Link Target and then all your Menu Items will have the additional option of Link Target : "Same window or tab" or "New window or tab"
    I have checked - it works ;-) You have to do it in Menus menu

    Have you did it by poedit program? What is your language set in wp-config.php (check here to answer me!/translating_theme ) ?

    With regards.
  • Thanks alot.
    For the languages, i was doing it wrong, editing the default.po and save it as it is. I saved it as en_EN & then went to wp config & added en _EN & it worked.

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