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Hide Layout Option visible on all pages.

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After i updated the theme the hide layout option stayed hidden where not needed. However yesterday i noticed the option is visible on all pages. I havent edited anything, the option just appeared out of nowhere. Kindly guide for the same.


  • edited December 2012 Posts: 37
    Hi, i tried to reinstall the theme & the hide layout option is gone where not needed, However when i started setting the options of the theme as per my liking, the hide layout option came up again, its visible on all pages. I only need the option on full screen album slideshows.
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    If you want to set global background, don't do it in every page, do it in
    Hypershot theme-> Appearance. Setting background image also activate hide layout as it was designed for putting some photo there for example. Setting background pattern is set in different location(as said above).

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  • Thanks, that solved it.
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