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  • Thank you, and where do i put the code in exactcly? Appereance - costumize? I have two menus for css 1. custom css 2 extra css Just want to be sure i put the code under correct menu
  • Well, yes it works, but the text size becomes massive big and doesnt look very nice (see screenshot) isn´t it possible to make a regular size text but as a H1?
  • pls disregard this as it´s working now, guess it just took some time before it was updated
    in SoMe link Comment by oliver777 July 2021
  • Thanks, however my option to edit pages with elementor has dissapeared from my top bar, usually it´s located where i highlighted it on the screenshot, was the elementor option only available fo a certain time period? I havn´t done any edits or any…
  • Sure, i´ve tested with one of the original pictures, see scrrenshot
  • Hi, please disregard the first question, as the basket is showing in all pages now, might have been a update delay sorry
  • Thank you, got the "Basket icon" added i think It is showing in sidebar on all my pages except when i´m on the "Shop page" is this as it should be? think it would be nice to have it displaying on the shop page as well, so potentiel customers can se…
  • Hi Tried to make my images better on the shop page, however i can´t seem to figure it out, so must get some help for this somehow, pretty funny i can´t do this as i´m an digital artist, go figure aye 1. I want to add a shopping cart icon, i have …
  • thank you, but messing around with the child theme is a bit above my skills so have to leave it at that, regarding the images i guess you guys have nothing to do with this since it´s woocommerce correct? cause i´ve followed different instructions, …
  • also on the shop page, is it possible to ad an image in the top banner section where it says "Shop" and also adding aditional text in that box? see screenie
  • Ok so i´m under way in setting a regular shop page, which looks pretty cool, and will be perfect with some fine tuning, but the product images seems more unclear than the ones i have in the 3 coloumn album, and the images are the same etc, see the …
  • I have never buildt and added a shop page before, so any recommendations is highly appreciated, and i don´t have elementor pro, so not sure if i can even use elementor for this page
  • Thanks a lot, if i just choose a normal shop page, would you then recommend making it through the "WP plugin shop page" or "woocommerce" just so i´m sure i´m not setting something up, that sn´t theme supported and makes conflicts etc
  • so if i want a new coloumn 3 album page, i should actually do: Under "albums" ad a new album - ad it to menu under "menu" and then i can edit it seperately right?
  • Hi "In which way have you created a copy of the first page?" I just ad the page i have already made for the menu under appereanse - menu, maybe i´m just doing something wrong. For the shop page question: So the only option to get this, is by edi…
  • Thanks, i do really miss some image dimensions in the documentation, cause when i switch an image on a page, it looks good on the desktop version, but super bad on the mobile version, can i edit the mobile version seperately? 1. On the contact pag…
  • This is how i want it to look like

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