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Replace Hidden Sidebar Icon

Hello Dear Air - Hope you are doing well. I've just added Google and Yelp Reviews to my Hidden Sidebar and would love to have a G+ Icon there instead so the user will understand why to click it. Can I do this with some little bit of custom CSS code? - Love, Jake from Chicago


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    Hello Jake :-)

    CSS code, possible but too much complications. Better do it in code:

    Go to photon-a13\advance\utilities\header.php line ~113
    ($hidden_sidebar? '<div id="side-menu-switch" class="icon-menu tool" title="'.esc_attr(__('Hidden sidebar', 'photon')).'"></div>' : '').
    ($hidden_sidebar? '<div id="side-menu-switch" class="fa fa-google-plus tool" title="'.esc_attr(__('Hidden sidebar', 'photon')).'"></div>' : '').
    With kind regards.
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    Thank you for this Air. I trust your design experience so much I should be asking you since reviews are so crucial to building trust with a new client what you recommend putting there to make the user know it's Google and Yelp Reviews there? Maybe the Yelp Icon? Or some text like (read reviews) or something? Like even the mouse-over text reads "Hidden Sidebar" is this text customizable somewhere?
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  • For example this would totally explain why to click:
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    jakemillerphoto said: Like even the mouse-over text reads "Hidden Sidebar" is this text customizable somewhere?
    In above code(previous post) you can see this string so you can change it as you wish.

    About rest of your post, this button have many restrictions so putting there image wont happen without modifications that would require much testing after it.

    About luring people to find there reviews - if they are really so crucial for you I wouldn't put them in hidden sidebar, but on separate page. This way you wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel ane people that want to see them will find link in menu.

    I will ask Daniel opinion also.

    With kind regards.

  • Brilliant thank you. I think I'm happy with the G+ tool for now until there is a way to put a Yelp logo in there. While I'm messing with the header.php file Is there a way to remove the fullscreen button altogether?
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    It will be almost same process like for our other theme

    With kind regards.
  • Hello, I just tried this but when I remove the code the site will place my new G+ icon for hidden sidebar on top of the main menu opener 'hamburger' icon.
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    Then I think you should leave it as it is, cause removing it will require a lot of CSS shuffle. In "thriteen theme" it is less "fixed".

    With kind regards.
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