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Hi !

I am trying to change a post (no sidebar) in post options or customising, but I can't find it anymore...

Where can I do this now ? I looked in documentation but can't find anything neither.

Thank you !



  • AirAir
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    Hey Sophie :-)

    Post options appear while editing post in classic way, not using Elementor or any other page builder. You should see them at bottom of the edit screen. See this screenshot:

    With kind regards.
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  • Hi,

    Yes, I'm in classic editor, but on this options, I can't make the post without any sidebar (if I choose "header" tab, and set sidebar as "off", nothing happens.

    But it's ok, I will make my post a page instead. If you have any idea though, I'm interested.

    Thank you !

  • AirAir
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    To disable sidebar in posts go to Customizing ▸ Blog settings ▸Single post ▸Sidebar.

    The option that you were tried to change is for vertical header, that you are not using ;-)

    With kind regards.
  • So there isn't any option to change it in a specific post right ?
  • AirAir
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    Hey Sophie.

    There is no option to do it from theme options.

    However, with this code, you can do it from a child theme.

    Add this to functions.php in the child theme, at end of the file
    add_filter('a13_options_post_sidebar', function( $value ){
        $ids_to_exclude = array('6670', '6671', '660');
        if( in_array(get_the_ID(), $ids_to_exclude) ){
            return 'off';
        return $value;
    } );
    You can edit IDs in $ids_to_exclude = array('6670', '6671', '660'); and enter IDs of posts you want to not have sidebar.

    I hope that helps.

    With kind regards.
  • Thank you very much ! :)
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